Ernie BoyetteMy name is Ernie Boyette, the president of Rotor Flight Dynamics and chief designer of the Dominator. I have been in the field of gyros since 1971, when I built my first Bensen kit, to presently designing and building the Dominator series.

After Building my first Bensen in 1971 and teaching myself to fly literally by reading Dr. Bensen's book, I found through trial and error, that the Bensen design could be improved on.

The first step was to replace the McCulloch two stroke engine. It took several years to find a suitable aircraft engine as a replacement. We finally went to a Lycoming engine but the weight of the 150 HP engine and G.W. of 1200 lbs. would require a larger and better rotor design. Throughout the process of building new aircraft I found, in every instance, that the rotor systems available were always lacking. There was always a need for better rotorblades.

So I set about designing what I thought were different types of airfoil designs for a new rotor. Every medium I worked with, fiberglass, aluminum or composites, the airfoils I would end up with were all basically the same. So from my point of view I invented the airfoil we use in our rotor design. It has been said by Chuck Beaty that nothing new is invented anymore, just improved on.

In 1986 I moved from West Palm Beach to Tampa in pursuit of building gyroplanes as a business. It took from 1986 to 1989 to get the business going and to officially form Rotor Flight Dynamics, Inc.

I went through 12 different rotor designs, and with the help of Chuck Beaty I settled on a specific design. I carefully selected six people for venture capital for the production of my new design I called the Dragon Wing. To make a long story short they put up the money for the extrusion die, the first run of extrusion, and the expensive bonding agent.

I taught myself aluminum bonding and started production of the first Dragon Wing rotorblades. From the moment we put it on the market in 1989, we haven't been able to keep up with the demand. This now allowed us, financially, to start R&D on our Dominator gyroplane design.